Men's Wool Thermals & Base Layers

Don't settle for boring thermals that only last a season. Colour your cold days with men's thermals and baselayers from the colourful Smitten range – feel comfortable and look great at the same time.

Our super-smooth merino wool thermals for men are comfortable, practical and long-wearing.

Experience personal climate-control in hard-wearing, super-soft merino wool.

Our machine-washable Australian merino wool men's thermals can be worn as long johns, thermal underwear, sleepwear, exercise gear or outerwear. We make durable, smooth, comfortable thermal pieces that can be layered for extra warmth. Choose from a range of weights and fabric blends for maximum comfort. Our heavyweight men's thermals are worn by many of the Tasmanian Police Search and Rescue Helicopter crew.

High quality men's thermal layers that provide years of comfort & style

Our men's thermals aren't just underwear – our range of colours and patterns makes them garments you can wear as inner or outer layers. Smooth super-fine merino fabric has superb skin-feel and is completely breathable, helping you to regulate your temperature whether you're walking around town, jogging, hanging out at home, or bushwalking. All of our hard-wearing clothes are made to a high standard and loved by active folk like mountain-bikers & hikers since they can be machine washed and worn again and again for years to come.

Quality men's thermals will save you money, since they look amazing and last for years.

Ethical wool, sourced from Tasmanian and other Australian producers – caring for animals & caring for you

All Smitten merino wool is sustainably grown using non-mulesed sheep here in beautiful Tasmania and other selected regions within Australia. The ultra-fine merino wool in our men's thermal underwear undergoes a stringent process before it touches your body; cleaning and spinning, colouring, design, machining, construction and quality control. The end result is stunning sustainable, natural fibre garments that have been tested in all weather.

Smitten wool is a distinctive, super-soft fabric with incredible breathable, thermal properties, so you can wear the same garment in layers to keep you warm on cool days without bulk, and on its own in warm weather to give you breezy, comfortable style. Merino wool is a beautiful, natural option for sensitive skins, with the convenience of being machine washable. Our products are sewn here in Australia by skilled Australians, sold by our proud Tasmanian family business.

Men's Thermals & Base Layers | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.