Fleece Leggings
Men's Merino Wool 270gsm Fleece Elastic Waist Thermal Winter Leggings & Yoga Pants 

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Colour & Size: Black


Our fleece leggings have been voted the most popular product here at Smitten HQ and are loved by everyone who slips on a pair...

Snuggle up in these luxurious fleece leggings, crafted from 95% Merino wool for unrivaled warmth, comfort, and practicality. With a snug fit and fluffy feel on the inside, smooth on the outside, these leggings still feel light to wear and are perfect in cold conditions. Fabulous to smooch around indoors in winter and then they will keep you alive in the extremes of outdoor winter adventure!

These Legging are nice and long so fit all leg lengths of men. For shorter men its no problem as they just bunch up a little and work perfectly.


Customer Reviews

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Tried and tested in Antarctica

I bought a pair in 2XL (I'm usually around size 20 Aus for pants) for a trip to Antartica earlier this year. I was travelling carry on only with a 32L backpack and needed clothing that was light, could pack down to a reasonably small size, and I could wear both on landings and on the ship. These did the job admirably.
On landings or when zodiac cruising, I wore these leggings with waterproof pants over the top and most of the time I was very comfortable. Only time my legs felt a bit cold was on the really rainy and windy days (although to be fair, my waterproof overpants were pretty thin and basic - not exactly sturdy).
When I was back on the ship, I could ditch all the other layers and comfortably walk around in these leggings and a simple shirt without getting too warm (ship was heated to ~25 degrees C).
Throughout the 11 days in the Antarctic, I wore these leggings pretty much constantly - they didn't stretch out or sag, they didn't get smelly, they didn't even look dirty.
Highly recommend them :)

Another amazing Smitten ptoduct

These are a very snug fit, which probably helps to make them so toasty warm and comfortable to wear. I LOVE the high waist 'tummy snuggle'.