Women's Knitted Dresses

Smitten’s range of knitted dresses features stunning merino wool knitted long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless dresses. There’s a dress for every season, occasion or time of day! Easily dressed up for weekend dinner dates, or dressed down for morning trips to the market, or a picnic in the park.

Choose luxury with Smitten’s merino knitted dress collection 

Smitten’s extensive collection of luxe knitted dresses are breathable and designed to compliment your figure. Choose to live in a material that naturally flows and hangs beautifully without clinging to your body. 

Our merino wool knit dresses are not just apparel, they are a lifestyle. 

Browse Smitten’s collection of wool maxi dresses, wool dresses with long sleeves and knit midi dresses. Showcase your taste with Smitten’s sleeveless and long sleeve dresses that are machine washable and don’t require special care to maintain. 

Experience the epitome of comfort  

Merino wool will be your wardrobe’s most powerful ally for all weather conditions. The single layer of a lightweight merino knitted dress will keep you warm even when wet. Say goodbye to endlessly layering your clothes by treating yourself to the luxury of merino wool. 

Once you’ve experienced our merino long sleeve dresses, there’s no returning to your regular outfits.  

Ethically sourced knitted dresses

Smitten ensures that your next wool dress meets our high standards every step of the way. Our merino wool is harvested from premium Tasmanian sheep in a process devoid of pain to the animals. All of our knit midi and maxi dresses are sustainably and ethically sourced.