Smitten Garment Bags
Protect your Merino Wool clothing with our custom Garment Bags!

Size Guide
Colour & Size: Black

Made in Australia.

Perfect for organising your Smitten wardrobe, your beautiful garments will be stored neatly and protected from damage.  

These bags will help keep your superfine merino wool garments safe from moths and silverfish. These handy garment storage bags are also ideal for keeping your travel suitcase organised when packing for that next trip abroad.

Now with one full clear side 

Small - 32cm x 38cm
Large - 48cm x 48cm

Our Fabrics

All our superfine merino wool fabric is sourced from 100% Australian farms whose sheep are non-mulesed. We ensure that our wool is of the highest quality and is sustainably and ethically grown.

Our cotton fabrics are all 100% organic and sourced from Australian farms.