Merino Wool Dressing Gowns

April 28, 2021

Merino Wool Dressing Gowns

Luxury, warmth and style- all in the form of a robe. Recreate that luxe hotel feeling at home.. a feeling you just don’t get with your tattered washed out pink dressing gown so worn its almost sheer right? With mothers day on the horizon now is the time to spoil yourself or your mum with a ‘Royal Robe’ made from quality natural fibres right here in Australia.

The Smitten Merino range of dressing gowns are the epitome of luxury. Whether you are after something lightweight, breathable and super soft or something a little more structured and regal we have an option for you.

1. Superfine Merino Wool Dressing Gown

The perfect soft warm pure wool Dressing Gown. One of our most popular items.

Constructed from 100% superfine merino wool lightweight fabric that feels wonderful against your skin with no itchy /scratchy feeling.

It not only feels luxurious but looks luxurious too. You can get out of the bath or shower and put it on and the wool will absorb the moisture and still keep you warm. This dressing gown features two deep front pockets to hide all the things we seem to collect during the breakfast rush. and a tie to ensure you stay snuggled up no matter what chaos ensues!

This garment is fully machine washable too in a cool wash.

2. Superfine Merino Wool Ponte Dressing Gown (360g weight)

This Dressing Gown is designed to keep you super warm. It is winter weight thick stretch knit fabric.

Our merino wool Ponte dressing gown is pure luxury and very warm to wear. Made from 100% superfine merino wool Heavyweight Ponte 360 gsm fabric that feels wonderful against your skin with has no itch or scratchy feeling.

It has the same moisture absorbing qualities, two deep front pockets a tie. Perfect if you are after something a little thicker. It is also completely machine washable.

Available in & different colours for both men and women.

3. Superfine Merino Wool Fleece Dressing Gown

The warmest and snuggliest of our dressing gown range!!

This is a new super cosy and fluffy warm Dressing Gown - made from the same fabric as your favourite Fleece Leggings and with a hood so you can really snuggle up.

Long sleeves, fastened with a tie belt and with deep side pockets.

Smooth on the outside and fluffy on the inside. What's not to love? Oh - and the ribbed cuffs ensure your hands are kept snug as a bug!

Complete with a wide double thickness 180 cm length self-fabric belt. This fabrication is made up from 69% modal , 26% merino, 5% spandex . The modal/spandex is on the outside and pure brushed merino wool is on the inside against the skin. It is also machine washable.

Disclaimer - you will not want to take it off!

4. Smitten Signature Cashmere Merino Dressing Gown

The new luxurious limited edition cashmere merino dressing gown to indulge yourself or your special person with... you can even get a matching pair

This gown might be the warmest, most stylish one ever - made of 70% Merino 10% Cashmere and 20% polyamide, it has beautiful details - piped cuffs and collar, 2 front pockets and one chest pocket ( for your glasses) and long wide matching fabric belt - we've thought of everything...It is a roomy style with generous sleeves in soft touch cashmere merino.

Think of all those hours relaxing, whilst comfortably clad in this beautiful winter- weight robe, you will be so warm yet look tailored and sophisticated. Definitely warm enough to wear in the chilliest winters simply over underwear, of course it is even cosier layered over our merino pyjamas.

This fabric is a more structured merino fabric than our other dressing gowns. It is a non-stretch, more traditional merino cashmere woven fabric.

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